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tomkent 1 post Joined 10/11
29 Jun 2012
TD Express 14 and LDAP authentication

Does LDAP (AuthenticationSupported="yes" AuthorizationSupported="no") work in TDE 14?

The TdgssUserConfigFile.xml file successfully used in TDE 13.10 was moved to TDE 14.
Testing using tdsbind in 14 does not authenticate properly.
The VM for TDE14 has the identical IP settings as the VM for TDE13.10.

The error message from tdsbind testing is always "tds_authenticate_authorize_user failed!". 

The initial LdapClientMechanism tested was sasl/digest-md5, this was changed to Simple
and then Simple with LdapServiceBindRequired: yes.
All methods fail with the same error message.

The ldapsearch command returns the correct results for the userid being tested with the same LDAP server (MS Active Directory)

In testing with "tdsbind -u userid" and then supplying a password

a valid password yields this result:
tds_authenticate_authorize_user failed!
tds_unbind: Unknown TDS error

an invalid password yields this result (expected)
tds_authenticate_authorize_user failed!
tdsldap_bind: Directory error - Invalid credentials
   additional info: 80090308: LdapErr: DSID-0C0903AA, comment: AcceptSecurityCon
text error, data 52e, v1772

with the valid password and adding -V 3 to the tdsbind command the output shows many lines
of information in the trace for the test userid, all the groups that the userid is a member,
but the authentication still fails with the error
tds_authenticate_authorize_user failed!
tds_unbind: Unknown TDS error




sl186029 3 posts Joined 09/12
29 Nov 2012

did you manage to solve your issue?

sayaksitex 24 posts Joined 09/12
21 Jun 2013

Hi Tom,
Please help me to make LDAP authentication in teradata express edition 13.
I have installed teradata express 13 in my system. I have LDAP server as well. I want to make LDAP authentication to log in to teradata.
Please let me know the steps, to do it.
Thanks and Regards,
Sayak Ghosh

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