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walter.perz 6 posts Joined 02/10
10 Feb 2010
Speed of TD12 vmware version versus TD13

I've worked with both versions a bit, and TD12 (not the database, just the image itself) takes a LOT longer to start up than the equivalent TD13 version (I'm using 1TB versions of each). I've configured them the same (cpu, memory, network).

Any thoughts as to why 12 is so much slower than 13?


walter.perz 6 posts Joined 02/10
10 Feb 2010

I neglected to say that 'top' within the image reports 98%+ idle with very few wait states.

TDobiee 9 posts Joined 07/09
11 Feb 2010

Try adding a line to etc/hosts: s10-1200
This made a huge difference for me...

walter.perz 6 posts Joined 02/10
02 Mar 2010

I agree ... the problem was in the networking. I changed to a static IP and bridged configuration. Made the changes to /etc/hosts and all was golden.


Avid zClouder 14 posts Joined 04/13
02 May 2013

Thanks for the reply...

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