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plentyfish 16 posts Joined 05/10
14 May 2010
Setting up Elastic Marts Builder to access different TD database

Hi all,

I'm installing Elastic Marts Builder (EMB) - but as per installation guide, it seems you can only assign it to one Teradata database. Is there a way I can set it up so users can create EMB objects to different databases, say accounting users have access to build their tables, views etc to DB-X and marketing use DB-Y ? Our Teradata system is v12.

This is my first time I'll be using EMB, so Im just following the installion guide.

Thanks in advance.

dfu 22 posts Joined 09/09
17 May 2010

By default each EMB installation is designed to support one sandbox on one Teradata database.

If you would like to have multiple sandboxes connected to different databases, you can probably install separate EMB instances for each of them. Thanks.

plentyfish 16 posts Joined 05/10
18 May 2010

Thanks for the reply - so I am clear on what you saying... you mean will have to install separate EMB for each user >

dfu 22 posts Joined 09/09
19 May 2010

No, each instance of EMB can support one "sandbox environment" on one Teradata database. Each sandbox environment can support multiple user sandboxes.

If you want your sandbox environments to be on different databases, then you would have to install a separate instance of EMB for each of those. The product out of the box was not designed to work that way, so you would need to modify it. Thanks.

Avid zClouder 14 posts Joined 04/13
02 May 2013

Thanks for the valuable information..

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