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11 Jan 2015
Request: support other hypervisors ( or at least help fix these issues I've encountered )

Hi all.
I have the Teradata 14 VM running in VMWare on my laptop. It's a great tool for developers - thanks :)
Could we please have support for other hypervisors ( eg KVM & VirtualBox ) in the VM images? I run a large number of KVM virtual machines on my home server - mainly for development, and some hosting things for friends. It's not possible to run 2 hypervisors at once, so that basically means I have to run my laptop ( with vmplayer for Linux ) every time I need to test something against Teradata.
If people are wondering why I don't just convert the .vmdk files into .qcow2 or something ... yeah I've done that. There are multiple issues. While booting, SUSE Linux hangs waiting for disks - it's accessing them via names that don't exist. I've seen posts around ( eg stack overflow ) by people who have had the same issue when trying to convert to VirtualBox. I somehow worked around this ( I honestly don't know what finally worked - I wish I did, so I could reproduce the partial success ), but then when starting the TPA service, the VM reboots ... back into a state when TPA isn't running. I haven't figured a way around this yet.
I'm not asking for native .qcow2 images. The .vmdk images are fine. I think it should not take too much effort for someone more familiar with how a Teradata setup works ( ie not me ) to load up the images in other hypervisors, and get things working in a generic enough way that people can use any hypervisor. That would be great. For me ( and my employer ), it would mean better Teradata support in our products, because it's not a PITA to test things.

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