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01 Mar 2013
Re: Teradata 13.10 VM player version

Hi fellows,
I have installed VMware player and sucessfully done with the following steps given: introduction-to-teradata-express-for-vmware-player
My question is when i am trying to start the Teradata SQL assistant it was showing 

Could not connect to New Teradata Database.

  Error creating SQL Model Connection connection to New Teradata Database. (Error: [Teradata JDBC Driver] [TeraJDBC] [Error 1000] [SQLState 08S01] Login failure for Connection to localhost Tue Feb 26 10:29:43 PST 2013 socket orig=localhost cid=5b83d60d sess=0 Connection refused  at Method)  at a:333)  


And more over i have one more question i have downloaded TTU13.10 in my windows 8 system and installed can i use this utilites with the teradata in the linux of VMware.


Sorry if i am asking silly question. New to teradata. Any help would be appreciated.


DS186045 2 posts Joined 10/12
20 Mar 2013

Hello Gannu,
I too am having Teradata Client/Teradata 13.10 VM connectivity problems.  I was given the following steps:
1. If you are using TD 14.x, then you will need TTU 14.x. The new TTU tools such as TD Administrator can work with older versions of TD, but there are often problems trying to use an older version of the tool to access newer database versions. See appendix A of the TMM Getting Started guide for instructions on downloading and installing TTU (it mentions 13.10, you just need to download TTU 14.x instead). You should use Add/Remove Programs to remove all TTU 13.10 programs first. Most are named Teradata <toolname>. I think there is also an ODBC 13.10 that should be uninstalled.
If that doesn’t fix your problem, then:
2. Make sure VMware Player has the TD Express machine running, double-click on Gnome Terminal in VMware window to open it, type:
pdestate –a
in the Gnome Terminal window and press Enter.
You should get a status something like:
DBS state is 5: Logons are enabled - The system is quiescent
3. Open TD Admin. You should get a dialog named “Please Select a Data Source”
Select the data source you created in step 3 (default is DEMOTDAT)
Maybe these steps may help....

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