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ahd 1 post Joined 01/12
06 Jan 2012
Questionnaire: User's Trust in Cloud Computing

I'm working on evaluating user's trust in cloud computint. I've designed a questionnire for doing so. please help me fill this questionnaire. I'll be so grateful.

this is the questionnaire address: formkey=dExvMERzeHdaMWZlamdpdC1DYVVObXc6MQ

mountainman 4 posts Joined 02/12
06 Mar 2012

I personally trust Cloud computing because we will get there are lot benefits in small business. Some of the benefits are its reduced cost; we should not buy software for every computer. We can just buy one software for tens to thousand users and Mobility; we can access our software every time and everywhere in the world with any computer.

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Avid zClouder 14 posts Joined 04/13
02 May 2013

Yes you are right..I will also trust cloud computing..But disadvantage is any cloud computing service provider can access our data..But we can avoid that by encrypted password..

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