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30 May 2013
Need help installing VMware Server/Player and downloading choice of VM

I am new to TDE and VMware, so my question may seem very basic to you but I need help:
I am taking TD University Course "45142 - Create and Reuse Standardized Mapping Documentation using Teradata Mapping Manager".
I already installed TMM and also have downloaded and unzipped the "TD Express 14.0 VMware player" and now have the folder 
      "C:\software downloads\TDE for VMware\TDExpress14.0_Sles10_1TB"
The course materials refer me to the following docs but they don't cover what to do after downloading and unzipping the TD Express file:
      1. "Introduction to Teradata Express for VMware Player"
      2. "Teradata Express 14.0 for VMware User Guide"
I don't see an install file after unzipping the download file so I don't know what is the next step. The two documents listed above assume that I have VMware Server/Player and Choice of VM installed.
What do I do next? 

rc186020 2 posts Joined 03/12
31 May 2013

Doing my own networking I found out that the VMware intro and User Guide don't cover the step I needed, which was to download the VMPLAYER from the VMWARE Vendor website :-). So I resolved my problem. Since the Teradata Mapping Manager tool doesn't require students to have knowledge of VMware, perhaps this posting may help other TMM students:
"Google "VMware Player", then select a download website, preferably a site from VMWARE and download it. Then install it (it has an executable that you just double click to start it). Once installed, start the player and you can follow the procedure on the VMWARE Intro document that the TMM guide links to."

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