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james 10 posts Joined 06/09
29 Oct 2010
Loading data to TD Express (Windows or Linux) using Ab Initio

Hello - I am exploring the possibility of using an existing ETL tool (Ab Initio) to load data into TD Express databases for test/dev purposes. The ETL tool is already used to load data into a production TD system.

Are there any technical restrictions of using TD Express (either Windows native, or Windows/Linux in VMware) that would prevent this? I don't envisage any blockers that would prevent Ab Initio seeing the virtual TD instances on the network.

Has this been tried? Any advice?


Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
03 Nov 2010

All the clients or applications that work on your production system should work on TD Express--subject, of course, to the obvious capacity limits. If using the VMWare edition, set the network connection for the VM to bridged mode. You may need to have your network administrator set up a static IP address for it.

ShanePresley 1 post Joined 01/10
04 Nov 2010

Hi Jim, can you elaborate on why you would need a static IP address?


Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
05 Nov 2010

I said you *may* need a static IP address. I am not certain that it is necessary, but it is the standard practice. I find that I can get by with DHCP with the clients/tools that I use. If you have problems getting your client to connect, you may need a static IP address.

Avid zClouder 14 posts Joined 04/13
02 May 2013

Yes you are right...I do agree..

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