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antonelly 1 post Joined 07/12
07 Aug 2012
How to connect to Teradata Express for Amazon EC2 from SQL Assistant?

Hi Guys,

Is where a way to connect to it directly from my workstation, not from virtual Linux machine? If it is possible what Database Server name must I enter and what Authethentication mechanism?

If it is not possible how to install SQL Assistant on a virtual Linux machine where bteq is installed by default


Thanks in advance



Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
11 Aug 2012

First you must grant permission for port 1025 to be accessed remotely. See configuration help on this site, e.g.

Configure the data source to use the IP address of your Amazon instance in place of server name, and TD2 authentication.

Avid zClouder 14 posts Joined 04/13
02 May 2013

I used the same link for connection..It's good..

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