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mgw 1 post Joined 09/09
02 Nov 2009
External IP address

The "Configure Teradata Express for 12.0 for Amazon EC2" document says to use an SSH client to connect to the external IP address of the instance. How do I locate the external IP address of the instance?

Teradata Mike 1 post Joined 04/09
03 Nov 2009

Once you launch an Amazon AMI instance, you will be given a unique address, usually labeled "Public DNS" on the Amazon Management Console. You can get to this management page with the link:

Choose the 'Instances' option on the left navigation bar to display your instances and you'll see the column "Public DNS" for the address to use with SSH.


Avid zClouder 14 posts Joined 04/13
02 May 2013

Thanks for the valuable information...

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