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02 Jul 2015
EC2 TD instance

Hi all,
I'm looking to set up an EC2 instance running TD 14.10 or 15.00 to use as a backend for a number of PoC's, demo's and some training courses.  I've never set one up before so I'm looking for help and advice please.  So far I've created two personal micro EC2 instances and got them to be able to SSH to each other; that's the limit of my experice thus far. I'm a Teradata employee and this would be to run demo's and PoC's for prospective TD business.
1/ Getting a TD 14.10 or TD15.00 system suitable to run in a d2.2xlarge (8vCPU, 61GB RAM, 12TB disk) instance.  There only appears to be a 13.10 EC2 version of TD Express on here so I need to know who I would talk to in Teradata to discuss if/how one can be configured and set up.
2/ Assuming the above can be acheived, how does the VM work in an EC2 instance?  Do you run a player with an image as one does on a laptop, or does the EC2 instance become the VM image?  Reason for asking is that networking between EC2 instances would be simpler if the EC2 instance is the VM, rather than having to configure some kind of NAT pass-thru from the VM in the EC2 instance out to other connections.
3/ How does "resetting" an instance back to a clean start point work?  On a laptop you can keep a clean VM image, delete used images and copy a new one from the clean version.  Would an EC2 instance work in the same way?
I'm sure I'll have more questions as I get thru this process but this should get me going for the moment.
Thanks and regards,
Jim Hudd.

adammetcalfe1 3 posts Joined 10/15
09 Nov 2015

Hi Jim
I note this is a bit of an old post. but a couple of learnings around your questions. (im sure you have solved them by now)
In my experience:
1) -- I too would like to run a dedicated Ec2 AMI instance, You can request it to be linked to your AWS account.. if you have the credentials to do so.
2) The VM express version, and the EC2 version are different, the VM version would require you to install VirtualBox or VMWare fusion on the Ec2 box, however because EC2 is effectively a virtualised environment (in most cases) it wont work. What you have to have is the Ec2 version to make it work well.
3) There are a number of ways you can do this. You can configure the box, then create an AMI of your own (The clean image). Or you can snapshot the disks. It's up to you, then you can use those methods to reset your instance. It works pretty well.

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