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dh160024 1 post Joined 08/12
03 Oct 2012
Certificate errors when trying to start VMserver.

I am trying to install Teradata on a 64-bit PC with Windows 7.  I installed the VMserver and received no error messages.  I installed Teradata 13 without problems.  I was trying to start VMserver to do step 5 in the script and got a Certificate error message.  I ignored the error and went on and got the logon prompt from VMserver and entered my logon ID and password.  VMserver rejected my login attempt with a message that says that the login ID or password is incorrect.  I unloaded VMserver and reloaded it on my PC and got the exact same error.  I checked my Microsoft Internet Explorer settings and pop-up blocker was off.  Anyone have an idea what I may be doing wrong? 

Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
04 Oct 2012

If by "VMserver" you mean the Oracle VM Server, then you are using the wrong product.  The Teradata VM is requires a VMWare product, such as VMWare Player.
VMWare Player is available as a free download from the VMWare web site:

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