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rayanclouds1 1 post Joined 07/12
04 Jul 2012
Can cloud computing be a safe place for your data ?

My point is that i want to switch from physical and in-house servers  to cloud computing because investing in this new technology has many advantages for business management in term of work effectiveness and  management cost . Many experts recommend me :github , OpenStack, . However; since I have read some stuff about cloud computing security in the , i become somewhat doubtful  to invest  mainly when i experienced a data storage crash with a cloud company that i do not want to name , so to what extent can cloud computing be safe for data base storage and web hosting in term of privacy and backup security .and which are the best reliable companies affording quality services .

Hi i am Rayan Dris from california , iam co-manager of hot deal
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28 Apr 2013

For the best of my knowledge,Cloud computing is not safe for the data...Any cloud computing service provider can access your data easilly..

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