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lo0om 2 posts Joined 05/13
05 Feb 2015
BYNET kernel driver installation fail, after new kernel installatoin.

VM TDExpress15.0.0.8 on SLES 11. After installation of new kernel BYNET driver failed to load, moreover blm module is not present in kernel.
Jan 27 10:34:32 TDExpress15008 S04bynet: DEGRADED: BLM: 140006901 #The blm module failed to load
After investigation i found that blm module is not present in new kernel configuration and need to be recompiled with new source, but it present in old kernel:
/lib/modules/ blm.ko
/lib/modules/        (no blm here)
I reinstalled bynet rpm, need to create link to kernel source, and blm started, pde - not. After reinstallatoin a bulk of rpm's with dependencies and a playing with ctl, solving BE issues i succeed to force new kernel to work with DB. But this procedure took almost a week of my time.
Here the list of rpm's reinstalled:
teradata-tdsched__sles_x8664. 1_dkms.tar.gz
1. Is there any simple method of kernel installation/upgrade without manual reinstallatoin all environment for it (except for PUT)?
2. Does somebody has experience with new security future of JRE8, how to avoit it when connecting to PUT on remote computer?
3. When i install latest kernel for the same DB version on SUSE 10 i do not need to do anything more, just kernel rpm install, why it so complicated on SUSE 11?
4. Maybe possible to disable any OS functionality for kernel installation time on SUSE 11 to make it function like SUSE 10?
Thank you.

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
05 Feb 2015

There's a reason for PUT, it would either prevent a wrong installation or do it correctly :-)
Instead of fiddling with the VM (which is btw probably not covered by the TD Express license agreement) you better download the latest version, 15.0.1.


lo0om 2 posts Joined 05/13
11 Feb 2015

There is some issues with it :)
1. I cant use PUT because it blocked by JAVA 8 security and i can't uninstall JAVA 8 because i dont have other versions of it to install.
2. It is good idea to download new VM, but i need to deploy it to vCenter. That mean download, extract, convert, deploy, change settings. That is a long process to do. Anyway it is easier than compilations...., but i need to test every new Teradata Kernel as soon as it accessible and it is impossible, becase new VM will not get out for every new kernel version.
3. You are right that TD Express is not covered by license.... that is a reason why i post here, because support case was closed and i was redirected to forum :).
Thank you.

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
11 Feb 2015

Did you try to run PUT directly from a terminal window in the VM instead in the browser?


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