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TD express 15.10 halting CPUs on ESXi 6 box Topic by mullasci 28 Jul 2016

For my convenience I converted the player/workstation image to an ESXi image.
Everything works fine with one exception: from time to time I find theimage frozen and ESXi logs reports that the OS halted the CPU.

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Install XML tools on Teradata Express Studio Topic by shiboo18 14 Jun 2016 xml, teradataexpress

I am very new to Teradata Aster Express. I want to load XML files into Teradata database but I am unable to figure out how to install XML tools on express.
Any guidance would be appreciated. 

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Teradata Express VMWare with Viewpoint Topic by padhia 12 Jan 2016

I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I am unable to register Teradata Express System as "monitored system" within viewpoint. I fill out all the required fields, the two required login connection test okay, but then when I click apply, there is a error icon next to the system which upoin hovering says "Cannot to connect to this Teradata database system to determine the system type".

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VM 15.0 Community Edition Topic by KN 16 May 2016 15.0 Community edition

Hello ,
Can any one suggest me how i can get to the community edition 15.0 VM template. On devx downloads i can only see 15.10 and 14.10.. I would need 15.0

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glibc-devel for 32-bit (Teradata Express VMWare with Viewpoint) Topic by AS140218 08 May 2016 #C, #VM, #SuSE

Hi all,
I cannot compile an application in C language on TDE w/VP,
because glibc-devel-32bit is not installed.
I can find a glibc-devel-2.11.1-0.62.2 and a glibc-32bit-2.11.1-0.62.1, but
these is not a glibc-devel-32bit.
How can I get and install glibc-devel-32bit of appropriate version into my VMWare?

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Teradata VM Options - Community Edition Topic by nazygholizadeh 21 Apr 2016

We have downloaded & installed the Community Edition of VM, and its giving us about 36GB of space in the database.
But documentation says we can increase it to 1TB.
Does anyone know what needs to be done to increase the size of the database to 1TB?

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Teradata Express+VMware with Windows10? Topic by Pigula 27 Oct 2015 Express VMware Windows10

Will Teradata Express run on a Windows10 laptop?  (probably 16 GB memory, 1 TB drive, 64-bit compatible).

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TDExpress14.10 Sles10: No proceed from "DBS state is 1/5: DBS Startup - Voting for Transaction Recovery" Topic by ta702625 16 Mar 2016 pdestate message

Does anyone know how to proceed the "pdestate -a" message from "DBS state is 1/5: DBS Startup - Voting for Transaction Recovery".

What should i check or do something in order to proceed this message ?


<< The message stopped like below >>

TDExpress14.10_Sles10:/home # pdestate -a


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Teradata Express 15 VMware connection issues Topic by jking108 23 Feb 2016 #TeradataExpress15 #connection #Express #VMware

Currently, I am in an engineering company and I downloaded Teradata Express 15 to do some load testing. The VM is on a bridged network setting.
I can run the local database within the VM, and when I check if the server is running by pdestate -a it shows that everything is ok and that Logons are enabled.

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Who builds/maintains the TD Express VM's? Topic by JimHudd 26 Jan 2016 express, owner

Does anyone know who builds and supports the Teradata Express VM's?  I'm a Teradata employee and I need to discuss having a custom VM built to support some client work.
Thanks and regards,
Jim Hudd.

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TD Express VM object logging won't work Topic by JimHudd 18 Feb 2016 dbql, object log

I'm using the TD14.10 VM and I'm trying to do some analysis on the DBQL object log.  I've turned on the logging but the object table doesn't get populated, even when you flush or end logging on the user.  All the other DBQL tables get populated as expected.  Is the object logging disabled and if so can it be enabled?

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Creating and Connecting to the Repository Topic by Diecorp 16 Feb 2016 td express logon

Hi everybody,
I am trying to connect to TD Express 15.00.02 for VMWare from TD Administrator . I know the IP Address and when I try to connect I get the following message:
"It appears that connection for the current session is not available. Please try to reconnect to your repository or contact your system administrator"

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test data/tables in Teradata Express 13.0 for VMware (4 GB)?? Topic by kss 22 Aug 2015 teradata express, teradata express 13, test data

I have Teradata Express 13.0 for VMware (4 GB) up and running. But I could not find any test data/tables in there. Can someone direct me how to find test data where I can query? Do I have to download and run 40GB or 1TB in order to get the test data?
Thank you. 

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using SQL Assistant with Studio Express VM Topic by aycriggb 05 Dec 2015 studio express, sql assistant

Hello all -
 I just now got Studio Express VM up and running on my Win7 laptop.  This article ( indicates I should be able to run SQL Assistant in the VM but I do not know how to start it.  Can anyone help with this?

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Teradata Express Vmware: Viewpoint fails to add Teradata account Topic by rupert160 27 Nov 2015 express 15.10 viewpoint

Hey guys, got my hands on TD15.10_SLES11_vp vmware today and had trouble adding a teradata account to viewpoint when it requires the Authentication Mechanism drop down to be chosen. Unfortunatly the selection box is empty and the selection cannot be made hence viewpoint cannot access the RDMS. I've tried several browsers checked network connectivity on the VM, no joy.

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Login credentials for VM Topic by shanuss 21 Apr 2015 Teradata express 15

I have downloaded the VM for TD 15, however I am finding it difficult to locate the credentials to login to OpenSuse. Could anyone of you help me, please? Are there any instruction manuals for this VM? May be it is available and I missed it. Appreciate your reply.

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Havent recieved details about enabling Ec2 instance AMI for my account Topic by adammetcalfe1 05 Nov 2015

I requested the AMI for Ec2 Teradata 14. a few days ago, but haven't had confirmation on it yet.
any help!

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EC2 TD instance Topic by JimHudd 02 Jul 2015 ec2, Cloud VM

Hi all,

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10061 WSA E ConnRefused: The Teradata server is not accepting connections Topic by gnr1254 12 May 2015

I have downloaded teradata express 15 and installed it on my pc(windows 7 OS, 64 bit) and all the necessary drivers( Teragss, ICU & ODBC).

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Viewpoint performance in VM Topic by StevenSchmid 15 Sep 2015 viewpoint, vm


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zypper asks for DVD when installing software Topic by rupert160 03 Sep 2015 zypper, sles11 repos

I am using TD15 on sles11, and I cannot install other software like GIT because of dependencies on software needed from SLES Enterprise repository that exists on the DVD the express VM was made from. Does TD have this disk exposed as a repo that we can use?

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EVM connectivity issue Topic by sm186102 24 Apr 2015 evm, redhat

I have created a few instance of redhat on evm.  I am constantly experiencing dropped connections.  Does anyone have a workaround for this.
Last login: Thu Apr 23 15:25:35 2015 from
[root@sdlcXXX ~]# pwd
[root@sdlcXXXX ~]# cd /etc/yum.repos.d
[root@sdlcXXX yum.repos.d]# Write failed: Broken pipe

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Patching TDE AWS image Topic by jdwilly2001 29 Apr 2015

I am attempting to patch the AWS EC2 image for TDE 14.0.  Has anyone attempted this before and can point me to the right direction? 
The VMWare editions have later versions, but I am avoiding a conversion process if possible.

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Teradata Express 14.10 for VMWare Topic by brosenz 06 Jul 2014

Yesterday I installed TDE SLES 10 for VMware (40GB) with Viewpoint on my Mac OX X using VMware Fusion 6.0.4, when I was asked if the VM has been Copied or Moved I selected Copied, then while reading the User Guide there is a note that is important to select Moved, now there is no way VMware Fusion will ask me again

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Unable to create Teradata Connection Profile in VMWARE Image to start TD StudioExpress Sql Assistant Topic by TdPassion 04 Nov 2014 td14, td studio express, jdbc



Hi All,

Request you all to please help me on connecting my Td SQL Assistant.

I have Windows 8 64 bit Laptop and have successfully installed Vmware Player with TDExpress14.0.3_Sles10_4GB.

I am able to connect bteq but I want to connect to TD Sql Assistant which i think needs an ODBC Driver.

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