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Aster Express installation Topic by Pradi 18 Apr 2014 aster express

I'm trying to install Aster Express V6 but after installation the AMC is not working.
I've tried  , , all these urls but still not working.

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Replace all characters in string except particular words Topic by nurandi 27 Feb 2014

Dear All,
I am trying to replace all characters in string except particular words using regexp_replace() function in Aster.
For example, replace all chars in string "I will go to Jakarta, Bandung and Bali next month" with "X", except "Jakarta", "Bandung" and "Bali". So, expected result will be "X JakartaX Bandung X Bali X".

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Teradata Aster SQL-GR™ Topic by Raja_KT 11 Apr 2014

I am looking at some detailed documents on SQL-GR since I am comparing with Neo4j. Can you please share any pointer for me?

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Some interesting Workload Manager "Hacks" Topic by 05 Apr 2014

(Disclaimer: There's no actual "hacking" involved here.  Just using WLM in a slightly less-than-obvious way)
Hack #1 - Say you have a class of users who can be trusted to know what priority their queries should run at.  You want to give them control, but how can you do that?  Here's one solution that uses a combination of roles and WLM policies:

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nc_system Tables/Views in Aster Topic by grishma 27 Mar 2014

Is there a document where i can see all the different nc_system schema objects? I am using TD Studio and i am able to view many of the nc_system views, However, there are few tables like "nc_all_sessions".
I would like to get a list and details of all objects in nc_system schema.

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Custom Alerts Topic by mandre 25 Mar 2014

We are using all of the "out of the box" AMC alerts.  Does anyone have any suggestions or would like to share any sources, tools, or custom scripts they have wriitten to give alerts on Aster?  For example we recently had a file system fill up.  We also have situations where other resources are peaking: cpu, memory etc. 

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Where is Aster Express? Topic by makaveli0129 19 Mar 2014 aster express, aster data, naive bayes

I downloaded the aster Express from but this is version 5.0 which is really old. Is there a newer version somewhere?
Also, the images do not contain the naiveBayesPredict.jar file in the /home/aster/demo/ Any idea on where i can get this?

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Issue Loading from Teradata Topic by makaveli0129 12 Mar 2014

I'm trying to load a table from teradata using the below:
create table test_table distribute by hash(field1)
select *
from load_from_teradata(
on mr_driver

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Data Movement from Teradata to HDFS (Hadoop) Topic by RandomCipher 12 Mar 2014

Hi All
I am new to Teradata Aster . My company is planning to move the Datawarehouse data Inside Hadoop (HDFS).
Can Aster directly take data from Teradata and Insert into HDFS ?  if so can you shed me more details on the same.
If so will it be faster than INFORMATICA creating the File and Pushing to HDFS.

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Ncluster loader and merge Topic by shripadpawar 25 Feb 2014

Hi experts,

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How to create and deploy an ordinary function (not a sql/mr function) in Aster Topic by p620121 05 Feb 2014

I would like to create a regexp_replaceAll funciton, but as a regular database function, not an sql/mr function.
Aster has a built-in regexp_replace function which is inadequate for my needs.

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Could you please help to install Aster Data Developer Expresee plugin Topic by Anubeig 28 Jan 2014

Could you please help to install Aster Data Developer Expresee plugin .
I need Eclipse 3.5.1 right .I have eclipse tell me the procedure and also give me the download link for Aster plug-in's

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Aster without a SYS_CALENDAR? Topic by JBerry003 27 Dec 2013

Is there a default system calendar table in Aster that can be used similar to Teradata, or must we create a replicated xref table explicitly?

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Hive Views in Aster Topic by td_admirer 15 Jan 2014

Hi Team,
Can someone please tell me if Hive Views are supported in Aster? It throws me an error message and I do not seem to understand it.
Executed as Single statement.  Failed [34 : HY000] [AsterData][ASTERJDBCDSII](34) ERROR: failed to access hcatalog table hive_view_v: FAILED: Error in metadata: java.lang.NullPointerException ()
Thank you in advance.

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Connection between Aster and Hadoop Topic by kobiattia 01 Jan 2014

Hi Everybody,
If I have a Hadoop with 900 TB and Aster with 100 TB and I run  a query using function load from hadoop, the data will be copied to Aster cluster or the query will run in Hadoop cluster?
If it run in Aster, how is the mechanism to copy a big quantity of data into Aster Cluster?
Thanks and happy new year :)

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Worker is Passive mode Topic by vishaljain000 16 Dec 2013

I am trying Aster Express & downloaded virtual images for it. First time I am able to start Queen & worker. But after 3 dats when I am trying to start Queen & worker then Queen is Up but Worker is showing as in Passive mode. I have configure only one worker. what all paramaters affected worker to set as PAssive & how can I get it to Active mode.?

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"load_from_teradata" error Topic by Tomas.Li 23 May 2012 load_from_teradata

Hi All,
I got the follow error in using "load_from_teradata" function:

My SQL statement:

UserId int

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Data Migration from Oracle/SAP to Teradata Aster Topic by chaitanyakmr_man 05 Jan 2014

HI Team,
I want to move data from Oracle/SAP to Teradata Aster.
I had migrated some data by Exporting to CSV files then import to Teradata Aster, but I see, it is not a very good option, when the size of the data files is large like 100 GB.

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moving data from hdfs to aster : Open discussion - All are invited ( or should I say requested ) Topic by Boulderman 05 Jan 2014

apart  from the inbuilt aster  loading functions invoked via queries and the  aster native loading tools - what are some other ways to get data from hdfs to aster. I opened this discussion to  discuss the pro's cons's approrpriatess vs futility  of each method.
Lets brainstorm , folks ...

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Cannot create a model Topic by p620121 16 Dec 2013 aster, model, trainednamedentityfinder

Hi, I'm new to Aster, but I've been working off the examples in the Aster_Analytics_Foundation pdf and I'm having trouble creating any kind of model. I have all the permissions I need and all functions were installed and I have access to them, but when I try to create a model, as with the TrainedNamedEntityFinder, for example, the job runs, but there is no output, no file created.

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Aster Express Installation on VM Topic by vishaljain000 16 Dec 2013

Can I have steps for Aster express installation on Linux OS.? I don't find it.
I see we can run Aster express just from desktop/laptop machine, Can we run from VMware machine.?

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Load_from_teradata : problem with quote marks in the query Topic by 12 Dec 2013 aster, load_from_teradata, quotes

Hi everyone,
I want to execute the following Teradata request in a load_from_teradata in an Aster request, but i have an error because of the quote marks in the filter :
select * from load_from_teradata (
ON mr_driver TDPID('PROD') username('aster_dapp_tec') password ('****')

                query ('select c.id_diffusion, e.lib_categorie

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Help: Stream SQL-MR using Python. Topic by rp186020 18 Dec 2012 python, aster, sql-mr

I'm a Python dev for the past couple of years and connecting to PostgreSQL using the psycopg2 module.
Now, I'm using Teradata Aster, as my training, I tried creating a simple sql-mr function using a python. Given the table, the sql-mr will populate the tables with random values.
What do I need to connect to a Aster Database?

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ODBC Connection error Topic by 23 Jan 2013 odbc, invalid string, invalid buffer length, invalid string or buffer length

Hi all,
I'm trying to create a simple ODBC connection using a couple of 3rd party tools called:  Aqua Data Studio and Razor SQL.   First, I followed the steps in the Aster nCluster user guide to create the DSN ODBC connection on a Windows 7 x64 SP1 desktop.  I was able to test the connection succesfully.

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Teradata Aster: Transfer files from local host to VM Topic by Ankit Jain 25 Apr 2013

Hi All,
I have windows xp operating system with 64 bit on which i have installed VM player. I have setup Teradata Aster with  queen node and worker node with the following IP and  

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