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stored procedures Topic by wt186005 30 Sep 2014 stored procedure

Is it possible to create stored procedures in Aster?  Or do anything like a SAS macro?  I would like to be able to call a section of code with a simple statement/reference.
Thank you in advance!

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Aster Remote Access Topic by lalitdutt 08 Oct 2014

I have aster cluster and want to access aster cluster using this My Setup is as following:

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Variables in Aster Topic by Robert Suhada 01 Oct 2014 variables aster

I’m trying to find out if there are variables in Aster SQL… there are in postgres but it seems this is not supported in Aster?


I’d need something like


Declare x bigint := 100;


Select * from my_table where y>x;



Alternative is to store the value in a tiny table, but maybe there is a nicer option?

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How to check which rows belong to particular partition / How to verify i a row belongs to a partition? Topic by seshasaisrivatsav 29 Sep 2014 partition number

In teradata you can see the partition number for each partitioned column's row.
How to verify or check the partition number for a row in Aster?

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Aster_function load_from_teradata Topic by QI.YOU 01 Aug 2013 aster

i happened to this error,"SELECT Failed. 34:  ERROR: The supplied statement could not be completed due to an internal error at a database worker node. Please contact support at Aster Data. ()" my code as follow
comp_id  varchar(20)
insert into ship
SELECT * FROM load_from_teradata

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Load Data to Aster's HDFS Topic by darkchanter 24 Sep 2014

Hi there
I am trying to load some data onto Aster's HDFS. My problem is: Where would I actually run the "Hadoop commands" as described in the Apache Guide, eg. "dfsadmin"?
I loged on to "Hadoop Master 1" and then tried the "Aster Queen 1" Nodes, but there is no /bin/hadoop.

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graphGen output table Topic by wt186005 19 Sep 2014 graphgen, CTAS

Can someone guide me in how to get the output of graphGen in a table?  I have been told (and have read; see below for a copy-and-paste from an internal Aster page) that this is possible but do not know how to go about doing it.  

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Histogram_Map function - need help Topic by wt186005 16 Sep 2014 histogram_map

I am strugglign with this function.  My error is the following which confuses me because I thought those clauses were optional.
>[Error] Script lines: 1-6 --------------------------

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Aster Express: Development Environment to create MapReduce function in C++ Topic by larsbitterling 05 Aug 2014 aster, aster express, ADE, ide

Hello alltogether,
We would like to develop Aster MapReduce Functions with C++.
For Java we found the hints on Eclipse Plugins and development tools (ADE). But for C++ we didn't find anything yet. Is there any link that could help to set up an IDE/ADE for C++.
Thank you in advance

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Semi structured and unstructured data in teradata aster Topic by Pradi 28 May 2014 aster express; aster data

Can we store the unstrurtured data like logs and semi structured data like xml json in aster database as file without creating any table? In general is it  possible to store any data in aster database without creating table, like we do in HDFS(hadoop)?

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Create a function with ADE which query an other table Topic by tcardo 08 May 2013

Hi everyone,
I want to create a function with ADE. This is a PARTITION BY function, of course the function takes as input some rows of a table. 
I want to know what is the best solution if, inside the function, I want to query an other table. Let's say that my function acts on user table and for formulating the output rows I need to query the product table.

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How to load Fixed width files into Aster Topic by urarunprasad 14 Jul 2014

I am new to Aster and would like to know how to load fixed width files into Aster db. Do we have any utilities in Teradata Aster similar to Teradata like TPT, MLOAD, etc and if so please share any example.
I have loaded delimited files using ncluster_loader. Please share some sample script to process fixed width files.
Appreciate your help on this !!

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Random number function? Topic by mwelsh8713 15 Aug 2014

I've tried several SQL functions (Rand, Random, etc.) but none are supported.
What I am trying to do is create random "non events" for customers to test an hypothesis I have.

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Is there a test VM for Aster Express 6.0? Topic by joetester 14 Aug 2014 astere express, aster, vm

A number of places on the website and forum refer to a demo VM for Aster Express 6.0 but I can only find the link[1] for downloading 5.10.
Is there a 6.0 test VM for Aster Express?

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Quick NPATH question Topic by jhilliar 31 Jul 2014 npath

Hi guys,
I have been searching around and cannot seem to get a straight answer to my question. Thanks in advance for the time!

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Aster regexp: how to delete 5 lines before certain words Topic by mzuo 10 Jul 2014 Aster regexp

I would like to delete several lines before certain words using reqexp.
For example in the following email, I want to delete 5 lines above the word 'fax', what should I do?
email: Hi All,
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GLM SQL-MR predict function gives empyt fitted_value Topic by Pradi 07 Jul 2014 aster express ; aster data

I'm applying the Generalized Linear Model for prediction on the below sample data.
Using AsterAnalytics_Beta__indep_indep. libraray
Sample data training data :
origin | dest | year | month | dayofmonth | dayofweek | uniquecarrier | flightnum | deptime | crsdeptime | distance | depdelay | isdelayed

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Latest Aster Express Image missing demo folder Topic by mog_man 05 Apr 2014 aster express tutorial

The latest image of Aster Express 6.0 queen node is missing the demo folder to complete tutorial.  Sample data is missing and MR function jar files are missing.

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Need help on adding new user ID/Login to Aster Lens portal Topic by JAYA_PARASU@BCBSTX.COM 28 Jun 2014

I am new to Aster lens portal currently all the users are logging to portal using  admin as common login. We would like to create new users/login  for each individual users instead of using comon login. 
Can you guys please let us know what's process/steps of creating new IDs for aster lens portal. Thanks in advance. 

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Aster Lens Topic by gfcandau 20 Jun 2014

I am using Teradata Aster Express version 6, and I managed to see as a root both the visualization tables (i.e. cart_abandonment, sales_completed) and the visualization catalog table (i.e. aster_lens_catalog) in the public schema.
Also I've checked that within the aster.host1 is

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How does SQL, SQL-MR query works internally in Teradata aster? Topic by Pradi 27 May 2014 aster express ; aster data

I've gone through documentation but didn't get clear picture on the below questions.
1. How does SQL or SQL-MR queries works interanally in aster database? Will the generate MapReduce jobs when queries are fired? like Hive and pig generate in hadoop.
      For example,

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Worker node is getting failed while loading data Topic by Pradi 06 Jun 2014 aster express ; aster data

The worker node is getting failed while loading data from csv file.
Command used to load data:
ncluster_loader -U db_superuser -w db_superuser  --el-enabled --el-table error_loading_airline_table --csv ontime 2008.csv.bz2

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Loading data into aster database (Aster express) Topic by Pradi 12 May 2014 aster express, aster data


I'm using ncluster_loader for loading data into Aster express (6.0). But if i want load data from realational
database like MySQL then how should i do it, is there any connector for that?

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queenExec.log Topic by Pigula 27 May 2014 Aster queenExec log history

We are using the Aster queenExec.log to capture user login history.  We are able to parse log entries based on English messages such as "failed".
Would someone refer me to documentation about the full contents of each record in the queen Exec.log file?  We would like to interpret other useful information contained within.
We are on Aster database 5.1.  Thank you.  

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Using the Pivot function Topic by 28 Apr 2014 aster data, sql, pivot

General format of pivot...
SELECT * FROM pivot(

ON { table_name | view_name | ( query ) }

PARTITION BY col1[, col2, ...]

[ ORDER BY order_by_columns ]

PARTITIONS('col1'[, 'col2', ...])


PIVOT_KEYS('key1', 'key2'[, ...])

PIVOT_COLUMN( 'pivot_column_name' )

METRICS('metric_col1', 'metric_col2'[, ...])

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