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06 Jun 2014
Worker node is getting failed while loading data

The worker node is getting failed while loading data from csv file.
Command used to load data:
ncluster_loader -U db_superuser -w db_superuser  --el-enabled --el-table error_loading_airline_table --csv ontime 2008.csv.bz2
Here  2008.csv.bz2 is file with size 110MB compressed, 600MB when compressed, ontime is table with 29 coulmns.
Message shown after running the above command
Loading tuples using node 'localhost'.
Unable to execute cmd ABORT;, error is :There are currently not enough vworkers available to execute queries. The cluster may need to be activated through the AMC. Contact your database administrator for further assistance.
AMC shows the worker node in failed status.
can anybody tell me whats going wrong here, seen all the logs, still didnt get the reason for node failure.

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