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11 Nov 2014
Windows 8.1 - VMWare Player 6 - Aster Express v. 15 - Unable to use Aster Management Console

Hello Everyone!
For reference:
- My host system is Windows 8.1
- I'm using VMWare Player 6
- I'm trying to run Aster Express v15
I've been trying to set up Aster Express on my computer to start learning how to use it before we go live as a Teradata partner. I have attempted, three times, to follow the set up documentation. I can configure the network as it says. I am using VMWare Player to handle both the Queen node and the Worker node. All of the steps seem to go through without any difficulty.
However, when I try to connect to the AMC, the browser times out. Has anyone else run into a similar problem?
As far as I can tell - everything is set up properly. As a note, my primary background is with SPSS on already set up systems - so this is a learning experience for me! I just learned "ifconfig" to make sure that both the Queen and the Worker actually were set up correctly. I have checked a number of different sources to try to help me solve this problem: online searches on SUSE, Linux Foundation, etc. I've learned a lot about setting up a Linux server - but nothing seems relevant, and the few things that have been recommended don't seem to fix anything. I'm hesitent to do more, as I don't want to break the Aster Express set up.
As an additional note, I have noticed that when I'm reveiwing the VMWare network connections it says that there is no network activity. So I tested this by downloading Fedora 20. I installed Fedora 20, ran it through it's setup and was able to play around online, run a full update, etc. So I know linux systems running through VM can talk to the internet through my network.
Thank you in advance for any advice you can give. My next step is going to be to download SUSE on it's own, set it up and see if the server can run on the VMWare Player. I'll then try using MySQL to pass files back and forth over the network.
Thank you again!

05 Dec 2014

I solved the issue by removing the original Aster Express download and downloading it fresh. It is now working as intended.

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