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alchang 8 posts Joined 05/14
24 Sep 2015
VMware network adapter is disappeared after reinstall VMware player 6.0

After re-install VMware player 6.0 based on Aster start guide requirement, the VMware network adapter 1 and 8 are disappeared on Windows. The adapters are also disappeared on Devices Manager by show hidden devices option.
Indeed, I tried to add network adapter on VM Workstation. But I cannot find the VM Workstation on the Windows. 
So any tips to fix it? Thanks.

alchang 8 posts Joined 05/14
25 Sep 2015

Now move to another issue on relative step:
After opened a Command Prompt window and run the following:
VMware-workstation-full-9.0.0-812388.exe /e .\vmware_extract.
I cannot find the folder “vmware_extract” as the destination directory to extract the contents of the installer, even though I run changed to current directory before run the above command.
So any tips to find the folder “vmware_extract”?

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