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gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
27 Oct 2012
Teradata Viewpoint support for Aster

Just throwing it out there in case you missed it. The Teradata Viewpoint 14.01 release supports monitoring of Teradata Aster! This includes integration into the following portlets:

  • System Health
  • Query Monitor
  • Capacity Heatmap
  • Metrics Graph
  • Metrics Analysis
  • Space Usage
  • Admin - Teradata Systems

And creation of two new Aster specific portlets:

  • Aster Completed Processes
  • Aster Node Monitor

For more information, check out the Teradata Viewpoint 14.01 release article: teradata-viewpoint-14-01-release

tomn 12 posts Joined 06/11
17 Apr 2013

I see this is an old Post, but here goes just in case.
Within VP Teradata Systems - Data Collectors - Sample Rate settings for Aster. 
Where does the "Recommended Sample Rate" get set/pulled from.
Also, when considering Aster should Recommended or Custom Sample Rate be used and why?

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
26 Apr 2013

The "Recommeded Sample Rate" settings are built into the Viewpoint infrastructure. The recommended sample rates as well as the initial retention rates are oulined in the User Guide or Viewpoint on-line help under Admin -> Teradata Systems -> Data Collectors -> Data Collector Sample Rates. 
Recommended rates are based on Teradata's analysis of how frequent does  this information need to be refreshed for monitoring aspects balanced with data collection impacts to the underlying system. We provide flexibility for custom settings if a customer has a use case for more frequency in their data collection. 

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