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u2fox 1 post Joined 11/14
06 Nov 2014
Stored Procedures work-around

I was wondering if there are work-arounds for creating stored procedures in Teradata Aster without using SQL-MapReduce.

protodemos 3 posts Joined 02/13
18 Feb 2015

Yes. There is a programming language called "PD/DBL" that runs as a stored procedure. You can also use the "STREAM" protocol to execute OS-level commands, stream data to them, and get data back in return. The commands can be stored on the cluster in a manner similar to a stored procedure. Both have their merits. PD/DBL is more tightly integrated into the Aster map-reduce paradigm, but it's not supported officially. It's also not allowed to "break out" of its own language/constructs which can make it more secure but sacrifices flexibility that the STREAM protocol has. It really depends on your needs.

Michael Cooper,
Vice President for Product Development

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