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26 Jan 2016
Shows Aster Appcenter viz on another Webpage.

(In advance of making a question, I'm not native English speaker. If you feel impolite or awkward my writings, please excuse me generously )
Hi, i'm using Aster and AppCenter for visualization in my company. and i got a task that shows visualization result on webpage.
For example, If i make nPath sankey chart, I have to show this chart on another webpage (not on the appcenter)
So I think 2 ways to solve the task
1. Using the GraphGen query, Make a graph and obtain a URL, send the URL on webpage to redirect GraphPage.
2. Using AppCenter SQL(or Java) Viz-Generate Code, Make a Visualization and save it as picture format (such as png, jpg ...). Finally send and shows it on webpage.
But... First way is restricted, because the GraphGen does not support all of graph (such as wordcloud, wordbubble..)
and second way is too hard to implement, there is No references or realized case (at least, on google search and programming site like the 'staxxoverfxxx')
How can i solve this problem? Is there anyone who struggle for similar problem? Can this task be realized? I wonder...

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