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Pradi 11 posts Joined 04/14
28 May 2014
Semi structured and unstructured data in teradata aster

Can we store the unstrurtured data like logs and semi structured data like xml json in aster database as file without creating any table? In general is it  possible to store any data in aster database without creating table, like we do in HDFS(hadoop)?

ewan.oglethorpe 3 posts Joined 07/12
03 Jun 2014

A few thing here:

  • You can store files on the Aster environment as it is at its core a Linux platform. However, files that you just store in the Aster file system you can't necessarly access from something like a SQL MR call
  • In 6.0, Aster has released Aster File System. This is in a sense an HDFS platform incorporated with Aster.
  • What I'd reccomend for storing JSON would be to simply store the string in a single column in a table. Or, you could run it through a parser and then store the output into an Aster table
Pradi 11 posts Joined 04/14
18 Jun 2014

Thanks a lot ewan,
You can store raw data in AFS but it can't be accessed by SQL/SQL-MR call right?

03 Sep 2014

Does anyone has some insight about INPUT_FORMAT and SERDE specifications in table_from_Afs().  Aster manual does list some of supported specifications but  does not exactly tell scenarios where each one could  be used.

Ravi Singh

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