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28 Oct 2014
Renaming a Table in Aster

How to rename a table in Aster?
if you are in a schema = ABC, but the search path schema does not have ABC, then it might be challenging to rename the table in schema ABC.

28 Oct 2014

Amateurs like me get a failure error when the following syntax is submitted.



alter table ABC.rename_test rename to ABC.rename_test_2;  --Fails


But when you take a deep dive into this, you might see two ways to do it




method (i): 

alter table ABC.rename_test_1 rename to rename_test; --Works : Do NOT specify schema name in the destined table name 


method (ii): set search_path


set search_path='ABC';

show search_path; --This should give ABC as result

alter table rename_test_1 rename to rename_test; --Works 


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