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chandrareddy321 4 posts Joined 08/13
06 Aug 2013
Query to get size of the Aster table.

I need the command to get the table data size. 
I need it to track the Aster-Teradata data transfer job progress, The Aster MR connector for Teradata (load_to_teradata/load_from_teradata) does not return any progress info, during the job processing.

JeffHaber 12 posts Joined 11/13
10 Dec 2013

The following SQL statements can be used (through ACT) to get database table sizes.
select schema, relname, sum(size_on_disk)::double as size_on_disk
from nc_tablesize_details(on (select 1) partition by 1)
where relname='table_name'
group by 1, 2
order by 1, 2;
Teradata Database Connectors are processed a statements of the type “Teradata Import” and “Teradata Export”. They are displayed as such on the AMC Dashboards. The progress of these statements can be viewed in “Processes” Tab. Please see Section “Teradata-Aster Database Connector | AMC Support” in “Teradata_Aster_Big_Analytics_Appliance_Database_User_Guide” for more details

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