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Prabhanjana 2 posts Joined 03/13
26 Mar 2013
Queen as Worker node

Can we make the Queen node also as a worker node??
If it’s NO,  please explain us the challenges.
If it’s YES, could please provide us the detail steps (precautions) before adding Queen as worked node.

ahnajeeb 5 posts Joined 03/11
28 Mar 2013

You are proabably trying to make maximum use of your resources.  Yes - Theoratically - We can use Queen as Loader or Woreker. But this will make your Queen as "Weakest Link of your Chain". You also might have to consider - The DISK / CPU Capacity of Queen - Your RF strategy - Queen Failover plan (where Queen VWorker will be migrated Vs Other Vworkers). You may end up impacting Queen performance of core queen functions by sharing the CPU.



snoynaert 3 posts Joined 03/12
18 Apr 2013

The queen also functions as a loader. The queen can never be used as a worker (for failover and performance reasons).

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