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19 Oct 2013
Loading analytic function to a database other than beehive.

When I log on to act from a database other than beehive as db_superuser I receive an error:
"Unable to open input file:"
I've already installed these once in beehive, but I want to be able to access them from another database.
How do I install these functions in a database other than beehive as I can't seem to do this or is it an access right thing.  Do I need to grant execute or something to my new database?  Thank you.

31 Oct 2013

Cross database references are not implemented in Aster.  That means you cannot access an object from database X if it is installed in database Y.  Best would be to duplicate it in all the databases.  We did same for all SQL-MR functions in our environment. 

Ravi Singh

toadrw 69 posts Joined 07/04
07 Nov 2013

Thank you Ravi.  That makes sense.  I was thinking that since these were just jar files that I unzipped that all the database should be able to access them. Good to know.

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