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24 Jun 2016
Load with Informatica PowerCenter into Aster

Dear community,
for one of my customers I am looking for best practices and guidelines for loading data with Informatica PowerCenter into Aster.
Any feedback or guidance on this would highly be appreciated.

Currently my customer uses Informatica PowerCenter 9.6.1 HF3 and an old version of the Aster-Informatica Connector (6.10 for Informatica 9.6.0) to load data into Aster 6.20 which unfortunately doesn't work well doe to compatibility issues.
For certain reasons they do not want to natively use ncluster_loader.
How do you load data with Informatica into Aster?
What about the idea to use Informatica PowerCenter to write data via a pipe into ncluster_loader? What about the meta data and logging?
Many thanks for your feedback !

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