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12 Dec 2013
Load_from_teradata : problem with quote marks in the query

Hi everyone,
I want to execute the following Teradata request in a load_from_teradata in an Aster request, but i have an error because of the quote marks in the filter :
select * from load_from_teradata (
ON mr_driver TDPID('PROD') username('aster_dapp_tec') password ('****')

                query ('select c.id_diffusion, e.lib_categorie

                               from vue_dsi_1.wtrr_diffusions c

                               inner join vue_dsi_1.wtrr_taxonomie_imedia d on c.id_genre_imedia = d.id_genre_imedia

                               inner join vue_dsi_1.wtrr_reco_categorie e on d.id_categorie = e.id_categorie

                               where cast(date_diffusion as date) bewteen '2013-11-01' and '2013-11-30')

                MAX_SESSIONS ('4')

                NUM_INSTANCES ('4')

                ) temp;


Thanks for your help !




Qaisar Kiani 337 posts Joined 11/05
12 Dec 2013

Try escaping the quotation mark by adding an additional quote sign before each one that you are using within the SQL query...

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