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skneeli 5 posts Joined 10/09
27 Aug 2014
How do i enable the LDAP authentication to the Aster platform
dm186036 5 posts Joined 09/13
10 Mar 2015

You can find all the information you need in the Aster Database User Guide For Aster Appliances 6.00, on page 238
Simple activation can be done like this:
1. Shutdown cluster: 
ncli system softshutdown
2. Execute LDAP configuration script: 
cd /home/beehive/bin/lib/configure
./ --auth_type=LDAP --ldap-server="ldap_server_name" --ldap-port="port" --ldap-prefix="cn=" --ldap-suffix="ldap_suffix
3. Soft start cluser: ncli system softstartup
4. Activate cluster: ncli system activate

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