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MartinJEd22 4 posts Joined 05/13
30 Apr 2014
Failed to start cluster activation

I've followed the "getting started" instructions for Aster Express. I'm using 5.0express-r29890.
Successfully added the Worker node but when I click on "Activate Cluster" I always get "Failed to start cluster activation" in the status bar. I saw during start-up of the worker node that the nCluster service failed to start. 
Is it possible to start the service manually on the worker node?
Any other suggestions?
Many thanks in advance!

Plawre8260 1 post Joined 05/13
12 Sep 2014

Good afternoon all,
I have the same Aster configuration as described by Martin above and also the same nCluster fail issues.  The exact error line in whole is "Starting nCluster Services:local.start[3572]: Failed to start Cluster Services Launcher".
Has anyone encountered this before and managed to resolve?

JohnAtNCS 1 post Joined 10/14
14 Oct 2014

I'm using Aster Express 6.00.01, under VMware player 6.0.3 build-1895310, and have the same problem with starting up the worker node.  The Queen is running, and responds to console requests.  Can anybody help with this?  Here are a few lines from /var/log/clusterservices.log:

2014-10-14T13:11:02.650821 ERROR 3432 PL2015] Failed to register with the Queen. Aborting service startup.

2014-10-14T13:11:02.651335 ERROR 3432 PL2027] Start: Registering with Coordinator             [FAILED]

2014-10-14T13:11:02.689059 ERROR 3432 PL2000] Cluster Service Start Failed. Rolling back completed Start Actions. Error: Exception - type: <class 'ClusterServiceActions.RegistrationError'>, value: Node registration failed with error code 4, Command PGPASSFILE=/home/beehive/bin/utils/init/pgpass-queen env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/beehive/toolchain/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/python-2.7.3/lib /home/beehive/toolchain/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/python-2.7.3/bin/python /home/beehive/bin/lib/ --nodeType worker exited with exit status 4 with error msg Registering with

Installed build version: 6.00.01-r40186

List of valid MACs on the system: ['0050563773b0', '005056231478']

Registration Request Failed: Status: 4, Reason: Node not found in queenDb

, traceback ['  File "/home/beehive/cluster-management/clusterservices/", line 1321, in startClusterServices\n    action.start()\n', '  File "/home/beehive/cluster-management/clusterservices/", line 134, in start\n    action()\n', '  File "/home/beehive/bin/lib/aster/", line 44, in __call__\n    return*(self.pending + args), **kw)\n', '  File "/home/beehive/cluster-management/clusterservices/", line 883, in registerNode\n    raise RegistrationError(e.exitStatus, str(e))\n']

28 Oct 2014

I'm having the exact same problem with " Aster Express 6.00.01" on VMWare 6.0.5, did anyone get back to you on this?

thsureshkumar 1 post Joined 01/13
14 Jun 2016

 Did anyone get the solution for the error.
"Node not found in queenDb"

M.Saeed Khurram 544 posts Joined 09/12
15 Jun 2016

When you login to AMC, can you see the Worker node in Prepared state? If so, only then you can activate the cluster.
Otherwise, I would suggest to note donw the IP of worker, remove the worker using AMC console, add it back again. 
Softrestart, and then Activate. Hope this will solve the issue.


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