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pentarex 1 post Joined 05/15
12 Jul 2015
Error on socket 11: Connection refused

Hey guys,
I am trying Aster Express and when I want to activate my worker in AMC, I receive that error under the Cluster Log.
2015-07-12T07:59:19.347889 WARN 6573 HttpClient.cpp:631 2779717573119434433] Error on socket 11: Connection refused
2015-07-12T07:59:19.078073 WARN 6579 Sysman.cpp:2524 1408562505024059998] After incorporation operations, replication factor for tier default is 0, which is below allowed-minimum 1
2015-07-12T07:59:19.000532 WARN 6579 IncorporationActivationExecutor.cpp:235 1408562505024059998] Incorporation failed because, after determining which workers were up-to-date, a cover set could not be found (RF=0)
When I click the button Activate Cluster in the top right corner I see only Cluster activation initiated... 
and thats it. I am watching the videos from John Thuma and in his video he sees Cluster activation in progress...
but I dont and also if I wait a little bit I see that my worker is Passive.
I am running the Queen and the Worker under Virtual Box on my OS X <- Can be this the main problem. Since now I've manage to connect and configure my eth2 to run under and the worker under 150, I am connecting to them via ssh and under the browser. I dont know what to do.
If you have more questions please ask.
Best Regards

msvilas 1 post Joined 04/15
10 Jan 2016

Hi Pentarex,


I am also running the Queen and Worker under Virtual Box on my OS X. I have the same problem failed to start the activation cluster and worker node remains passive. Did you find a solution?


Thank you.


Tatiana 1 post Joined 08/14
16 Feb 2016

Not sure what was the problem is but this worked for me.
ssh into a node that causing a problem
type> service local restart
that restarts all aster services.

ds255020 1 post Joined 10/13
06 Jun 2016

I had simular problem when using VitrualBox or Parallels.
You need to use vmware fusion, everything will be ok.

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