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14 May 2015
Deployment Architecture of Aster when using Big Analytic Appliance

I saw a demo of Teradata Big Analytics Appliance. I was very impressed that you get Teradata, Teradata Aster and Hadoop in the same appliance. (wow)
But I have a few questions
1. Does someone have an architecture diagram which explains how will I scale each one of these components horizontally? say my load on aster is growing at a rate X and load on hadoop is growing on rate Y... how will I grown my cluster?
Can you please point me to architecture documentation of this appliance so that i can understand all deployment scenarious.
2. suppose a customer is already using teradata... how do they start using this appliance? Can I take existing teradata and then somehow just plugin this appliance? or will I have to perform a whole scale migration?
3. suppose I have SQL code written already on teradata. how do I now migrate to SQL-H (or SQL Map Reduce) is there a tool which allows an automatic conversion?

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