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tcardo 1 post Joined 04/13
08 May 2013
Create a function with ADE which query an other table

Hi everyone,
I want to create a function with ADE. This is a PARTITION BY function, of course the function takes as input some rows of a table. 
I want to know what is the best solution if, inside the function, I want to query an other table. Let's say that my function acts on user table and for formulating the output rows I need to query the product table.
Should I use the JDBC connector or there is an other solution?

Michaelcanady 11 posts Joined 05/13
05 Jun 2013

better to contact the moderator for this query,. you would definitly be resolved with this situation here..


p620121 4 posts Joined 10/13
03 Sep 2014

You need a SQL-MR with Multiple Inputs. See the Aster_Analytics_Foundation_Guide_<your version>.pdf for detailed instructions.

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