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13 Jul 2013
Bug reports

Hi just couldn't find the bug reports link anywhere so making one on the forum.

13 Jul 2013

ncluster_loader requires the sql scripts for the begin-script and end-script to have

  1. every SQL statement on one single line -- annoying for long queries
  2. no extra newlines between SQL statements

I was hoping this would be fixed in 5.10 but looks like no?

xhudik 4 posts Joined 04/13
23 Jul 2013

Hi Tanya,
yep, it is hard to find out where to put a bug. I'd suggest here:
(even aster is not specificaly mentioned, they will at least point where to submit it)

18 Oct 2013

Thank you xhudik,
sadly it looks like I have to have a product code to even report a bug on that site...another one:
\dF only shows files the individual installed (except for the superuser, who can see everything) -- this means that other users cannot tell whether files have been installed by other people. The files are actually usable...

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