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mjlocat 2 posts Joined 03/15
05 Jul 2016
Automating grants in Aster

We have implemented both data roles and user roles in Aster. I wanted to create some way to make it easy for users to apply the proper grants to their tables when they're ready to allow others access to the tables. Generally, I'd write a procedure that takes in the schema name and table name and would dynamically create and execute something like:
grant all on <schema name>.<table name> to dr_<schema name>_rw;
grant select on <schema name>.<table name> to dr_<schema name>_ro;
I see Aster doesn't have a concept of stored procedures. Is there some way I'm not aware of that will make it easy for users to provide grants to their tables in line with our standards or are we stuck with providing the above instructions and trusting the users to implement correctly?

M.Saeed Khurram 544 posts Joined 09/12
11 Jul 2016

You can use executables option in AMC, build your script and schedule it as per your requirement.


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