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14 Mar 2016
Aster visualizer function annotations

I am using the visualizer function on some graph data. I would like to annotate some column values to both the nodes and edges. I can only seem to do so for either the nodes only or the edges only. When I run the following code, the columns from the edge table aren't recognized.

INSERT INTO app_center_visualizations  (json) 

select json from Visualizer(

ON poc.nodes_viz_a as input1 PARTITION BY 1

ON poc.edges_viz_a as input2 PARTITION BY 1


Title('University Social Networks') 

ColumnMap('input1:network=network', 'input1:uni_name=uni_name', 'input1:network_num=network_num', 'input1:uni_num=uni_num', 'input2:edge_network=edge_network', 'input2:edge_uni=edge_uni')

AnnotateFrom('network', 'uni_name', 'network_num', 'uni_num', 'edge_network', 'edge_uni')

AnnotateTo('node=network', 'node=uni_name', 'node=network_num', 'node=uni_num', 'edge=edge_network', 'edge=edge_uni')



Any thoughts?

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