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gfcandau 1 post Joined 09/13
20 Jun 2014
Aster Lens

I am using Teradata Aster Express version 6, and I managed to see as a root both the visualization tables (i.e. cart_abandonment, sales_completed) and the visualization catalog table (i.e. aster_lens_catalog) in the public schema.
Also I've checked that within the aster.host1 is
The issue I've got is that I am not able to connect to Aster Lens using the browser as I have done with the AMC.
Links I have tried:


Is there anything else I have to do? Am I doing something wrong? 
Any help would be really appreciated 
Thanks in advance

mm250136 1 post Joined 09/10
26 Jun 2014

On which node has the Aster Lens been installed? There are little differences (see docs). Also try to stop/disable you firewall. Can you see Lens daemon/process in the Linux image?
I have installed Lens on the Queen node and everything seems to be running just fine - my address is:

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