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larsbitterling 1 post Joined 09/11
05 Aug 2014
Aster Express: Development Environment to create MapReduce function in C++

Hello alltogether,
We would like to develop Aster MapReduce Functions with C++.
For Java we found the hints on Eclipse Plugins and development tools (ADE). But for C++ we didn't find anything yet. Is there any link that could help to set up an IDE/ADE for C++.
Thank you in advance

sl186019 1 post Joined 09/11
16 Sep 2014

Hi larsbitterling,
We do not currently have an eclipse plugin for C/C++ development. There isn't an official document either. All we need however to set the SDK up on eclipse is to add the header files from the sdk to your project.
One can surely develop a function in C++ using the C API and uild it as a shared library(.so file). We have example functions as part of the sdk package that you can use for reference.
I hope this information helps.

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