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vkbagare 53 posts Joined 02/10
30 Nov 2013
Aster Demo on running on OS X

Did anyone download demo version of Aster and successfully deploy it on a Mac?
If yes, could you please share additional details?

Best, Vinay Bagare
dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
01 Dec 2013

Hi Vinay,
could you please elaborate?
I use VMWare Fusion on my Mac and never had problems running a Teradata or Aster VM.
Should be similar with Parallels or Virtual Box, but you probably have to convert the VM images to work with those programs.


vkbagare 53 posts Joined 02/10
02 Dec 2013

Hi Dieter,
I tried to use Virtual Box and in past tried on Parallels (Running latest Mac OS).
Do you have details on how you set it up?
You could send it to my email that we had used in past.

Vinay Bagare

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