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branko.p 2 posts Joined 07/16
21 Jul 2016
Aster database/schema/table space management

I'm having trouble allocating database space on aster when I create new db, schema or table. At what level can you allocate disk space (assuming at db level) and how can this be done? I'm using db super user credentials. Thanks.

M.Saeed Khurram 544 posts Joined 09/12
24 Jul 2016

This is infact a very interesting question. I have gone through all the Manuals of Aster but didn't find any rules for space management. The database are created without any parameters for space. The space occupied by the tables can be reviewd using nc_relationstats.
But there is no information on pre assgined space at database, schema or table level. So I assume, space can not be pre-assigned in Aster, only it can be managed using option in AMC.


branko.p 2 posts Joined 07/16
25 Jul 2016

Hi Saeed, 
You mentioned it can be managed using options in AMC, where exactly in AMC do you do this as I've looked and cannot seem to find it. 

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