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tmonte1 1 post Joined 08/10
31 Aug 2010
Warehouse Miner Literal Parameters

Does anyone know if there is a way to dynamically set the value of a literal parameter based on the values returned in a prior analysis? As with all reports, we use a lot of dates and in order to hit the partitions on most of our tables, the dates have to be in a literal (date) or a literal parameter (date). Rather than depend on the report users to set the dates correctly, I would like to be able to set them on the fly. I've searched the documenation and the web... no luck. Any advice would be appreciated.

toddb 13 posts Joined 10/10
02 Nov 2010

As of now you cannot set the literal parameters dynamically via a value from a prior analysis. One place that you are allowed to set a value for a literal is through the batch interface. You could possibly run an analysis, execute a program or script to generate a new batch script where you generate it with your new literal value from the prior analysis, and then run this batch script in TWM. Check the help on batch execution for more info.

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