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VSong 1 post Joined 02/08
22 Feb 2008
Warehouse Miner

Our team is trying to use warehouse miner to do some fairly basic analytics and we're getting stuck (factor, cluster, etc). Can anyone recommend a good reference guide specific to this application. I've already checked out Amazon and didn't see anything that looked promising. Any and all help is much appreciated.

29 Feb 2008

The PDF help file that comes with warehouse miner is a very good start.It has details on the techniques used (including formulas) as well as worked examples (using the sample data that ships with TWM).If thats still not sufficient, then contact you friendly TD account rep and ask about the TWM training courses.

sm2010 1 post Joined 06/10
09 Jun 2010

Do any of you happen to know whether Teradata has a "user friendly" mining tool available? Something business users with no understanding of statistics could use and visually navigate through the data (kind of like JMP)?


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