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18 Apr 2009
Unable to COnfigure Teradata Manager

Hi frnds!I have download teradata express verison. Installed done properly.All tools are working expect Teradata Manager.Host name :- or Localhost1.Database set up Failure system name user name = dbc / pass = dbcconsole = emptyuncheck create teradata mngr USerUncheck Migrate TDWM Databse error================================================= =========4/19/2009 12:31:22 AM Database Setup started.Logging on to as DBC... *** Logon successfully completed.__________Setting up DBCMNGR__________Create profile pDBSSETUPDBA as password = (expire = 0); *** Query acceptedCreate profile pDBSSETUPDBA as password = (expire = 0); *** Query accepted*** TDWM setup and migration failed. See previous entries in the log (C:\Documents and Settings\saurav1\My Documents\NCR\Teradata Manager\data\TDWMMigration0904190031.log).Logging off... *** You are now logged off from the database.Database Setup terminated.Thanks in Adv

Big apple 5 posts Joined 11/09
12 Nov 2009

I have same error showing. How can I solve it?

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