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MDF 1 post Joined 06/09
15 Jun 2009
To know roll access

Hi,I m new to teradata.I don't have access on DBC. Can anyone tell me, how come i will know which are the database have given me the access in Teradata.Thanks

Jimm 298 posts Joined 09/07
28 Jun 2009

UserRights will give you all the objects/rights to which you explicitly have access.UserRoleRights gives you all the objects to which you have access via a role.So you can just union these views.A couple of points - rights can be given below database level, so you could have rights to some tables in a database but not others.2. If your default role is not ALL, you could have rights to an object through a role but may not be able to exercise those rights while working in a different role.HTH

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