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attackover 1 post Joined 01/13
24 Apr 2013
TeradataR Question about kemans analysis

I am using teradataR (1.01) to do some clustering analysis, but I found the td.kmeans function can only receive a full table as the input.
So my question is can I assign some columns to td.kmeans and make it do analysis only on these columns?
like this way:
>  test <-"test", "testdb")
>  td.kmeans( cbind(test["x"], test["y"]) )

ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
24 Apr 2013

Can't test it right now as teradataR is not working for R3.0.0 :-(
What should work is that you create a view with your two columns and call td.kmeans with this view.

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toddb 13 posts Joined 10/10
29 May 2013

Actually the td.kmeans function takes a as input and can be used almost identically to a regular R data.frame.  cbind won't work because it doesn't know about  You can use the following:
td.kmeans(test[1:2])                      //Use first two columns
td.kmeans(test[c('col1','col2')])    //Use columns named col1 and col2

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