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Flora 2 posts Joined 07/07
16 Jul 2007
Teradata Value Analyzer - Activity Based Costing?

Hello,I'm a new member here and don't know much about Teradata applications. For that reason, I would like to know if there is a possibility for Activity Based Costing / Management in Value Analyzer?Thanks to all of you who can give any comments!

NMadson-3173 44 posts Joined 09/06
03 Aug 2007

I'm sure your Teradata rep would love to talk to you about Teradata Value Analyzer (TVA); give him/her a call.The way TVA was explained and demo'd to us, it is more than an Activity Based Costing system. It allows an organization to develop a complete account/ customer profitability analysis system including both provision for risk and cost of capital in addition to allocation of direct and indirect costs.Have you developed an ABC system or are you thinking of doing so? I'd be interested in sharing experiences.Nolan

Flora 2 posts Joined 07/07
06 Aug 2007

Thanks Nolan!We've already implemented ABC with Oros but are looking for a new platform for that. Our new DW system is based on Teradata, so easiest way would be to use the same for ABC as well.Have to discuss with Teradata rep :-)

ysimlve 1 post Joined 08/11
03 Mar 2016

Hi Team,
I am completely new to teradata value analyzer. Can I download the tool to install it on own PC or laptop.
Please guide me how can I get the Installer.

Love job,Love life

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