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Sankalp.C 45 posts Joined 08/13
25 Sep 2013
TeraData Tuning

Hi All,
If I put my question in Short and Simple manner, that ends up saying - "Want to know Details about Tuning and Optimization".
Briefly, I can go for a google search but the result I was looking for a consolidated one - like Black Book in teradata with Details how load distribution take place( load distribution in AMPs).
Things we must keep in mind while coding and designing( to avoide Spool space error, not modifying the quary blindly rather a definete approach).
In a nutshell how to get in a fight with a DBA and win it all over ( pardon me if i sound little bit Ambicious) :)

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
08 Oct 2013

Teradata is so rich to solve business cases and for each case, you have many options to choose.


It boils down to the way how your warehouse is built, suiting the business.

If the requirement analysis,LDM, PDM, semantic modeling or end to end implementation of DWH  are properly aligned and catered  to the need of business requirements and system is slow in terms of performance then I feel we can make a fight.


Few of points are:


Right choice of indexes, joins etc.


There are various ways to denormalize.Should we use prejoins,repeat groups, join indexes, derived data attributes, GTT,VT, dimensional modeling and the like. Wwe have choices of indexing and hashing, row- partitioned or column-partitioned or both. Using of hash indexes or STJI. At the time of loading NoPI tables what are the options available to speed up loading.UPI, NUPI, USI,NUSI ....value ordered.. bit mapping.... In a nutshell, It is depends on case-by-case basis and Teradata caters to all the needs of huge amount of data.


Besides , there are other tuning also like db block and parameter settings etc.


Teradata (PE,bynet, amp) are intelligent enough to tackle situations in almost all cases.


If you can come up with a specific case, then you can realize the beauty of Teradata compared to 

other RDBMS.Know the architecture and features of Teradata and see its beauty.


You will hear more from  other experienced folks.




Raja K Thaw
My wiki:
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nkardos 12 posts Joined 10/10
18 Oct 2013

I would recommend PRISE Tuning Assistant to investigate performance problems, you can get a full functional free trial here:

Sankalp.C 45 posts Joined 08/13
25 Nov 2013

Thanks! to you kind People. Thanks, for Sharing.

alevai 4 posts Joined 10/11
29 Nov 2013

You can find tricks on my blog:

Sankalp.C 45 posts Joined 08/13
06 Dec 2013

Thanks! alevai

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