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jarmoney 1 post Joined 05/11
16 Oct 2011
SQL help - Median, 75th percentile price

I just recieved an adhoc request to get some report from teradata -

We have an Orders table that stores brand, item and price.  For every brand, for every item, we want to find out the median price, the 25th percentile price and the 75th percentile price. 

My questions are:

1. I should be knowing this but what does a 25th or 75th percentile price mean to you? What could it also mean?

2. A working query would be very very helpful


Thanks much,


Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
17 Oct 2011



There is a very nice article from our most active forum member Dnoeth on this topic. Link is as follows:




Regards, Adeel

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